From 24th and Church St, proceed to slow Sanchez and walk south until 27th St. in Noe Valley. Turn right on 27th St and climb up the hill until Castro St, then turn left, climb Duncan Hill and continue south to 28th over the stairs.

Turn right on 28th St, then left on Diamond St, pass the 29th and Diamond open space, and then take Beacon St down to the left. With Billy Goat Hill to the left, take the steps to the right up to Walter Haas Playground. Exit the playground on the south end, onto Farnum St, continue walking to Moffitt St, turn left, then right on Diamond St, and then right on Arbor St.

Turn left on Conrad St, and after about about 100 yds, there's Poppy Ln to the left. Follow that until it exits onto Diamond St, then turn left into Penny Ln after 100 yds. At the end, turn left, up the stairs to Sussex St, right onto Castro and left onto Laidley. Follow Laidley all the way to 30th St and turn right to get back to central Noe Valley.

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