This hike circles around Twin Peaks and offers spectacular views in all directions. Park at Panorama Dr shortly after exiting from Portola Dr. Walk over the hill on Panorama, make a right at Cityview Way, then a left at Knollview Way, leading you back to Panorama Dr.

Turn right at Marview Way, and go up the somewhat hidden stairs on the left after about 100 yds. On Fairview Ct., turn right, cross Marview Way and find the dirt path starting just right of the gate and fence. It leads by Twin Peaks Reservoir uphill to Twin Peaks Blvd. Turn right on Twin Peaks Blvd, taking the narrow dirt path beside the street and guide rail. Venture over to Christmas Tree Viewpoint if you want. Continue the trail by passing trough the cement barriers which close the east part of Twin Peaks Blvd to traffic.

Follow Twin Peaks Blvd until the closed section ends and take the dirt path and steps down to the left. On the second crossing, cross Twin Peaks Blvd and walk it down all the way to Portola Dr.

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