Mori Point trail up from Pacifica's Rockaway Beach offers stunning views. Park at the Rockaway parking lot next to Hwy 1 and proceed along the boardwalk, passing the motel and restaurant. On the other side, there's two options: Either cross through Calera Creek (depending on water flow) and proceed upward on the trail leading up the cliff, or take the paved footpath alongside Calera Creek eastwards to loop back onto the cliff trail.

Work your way upwards, enjoying the gorgeous views of the bluffs and the coastline. Follow the trail until it hits the intersection of Headlands Trail and Coastal Trail, and first follow Headlands Trail to the left, all the way to Mori Point.

Then, backtrack, and follow the Coastal Trail, winding downward toward, and leading back to Rockaway Beach, either through the creek or the more accessible footpath winding around the area.

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