This loop hike leads you through one of San Francisco's old money neighborhoods. Marvel at vast mansions and climb lavishly wide stairs, and feel transported back to the 40ies and 50ies of the last century.

Park on Idora Ave, follow it until Garcia Ave, make a left, and follow Garcia Ave to Vasquez Ave, then make a left. Follow Vasques Ave to the giant roundabout at Dewey Blvd, cross through to Montalvo Ave and follow that upwards. Stay on Montalvo Ave when it crosses Dorantes Ave, and make a right at Castenada Ave.

Follow Castenada Ave beyond San Marcos Ave and Pacheo St, then make a right on Magellan Ave. Follow that downwards until it reaches Pacheo, make a left, cross Dewey Blvd again and proceed straight on, cross Merced Ave and continue down the stairs to Garcia Ave.

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