This hike leads you through two college campuses in the Balboa Park working class neighborhood and includes two footbridges crossing the busy 280 Freeway.

Park on San Juan Ave near San Jose Ave and cross through grassy Balboa Park on the paved path, leading back out onto Havelock St. At its end, turn left and look for a footbridge leading first over the railroad tracks and then over busy freeway 280. On the other side of the bridge, continue on Havelock and walk around the right side of Ram Stadium.

Get back onto the campus road called Cloud Circle, make a left, and continue by the cafeteria, then make a right on Science Circle. Pass the stairs up to the City College building, and make a right when you come to Cloud Circle again.

After 300ft, make a left onto a paved thoroughfare, and continue until you hit Judson Ave. Make a right and continue on Judson, which becomes Paulding St, and leads first over 280 and then railroad tracks onto San Jose Ave.

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