Starting from the Crocker Trail trail head at Crocker Ave in Daly City, a paved path winds down all the way to Guadalupe Canyon Pkwy, which you can cross safely through an underpath off the parking lot.

On the other side, continue on the paved path through a gate, and follow Radio Rd all the way up to the summit with an impressive assortment of radio towers and great views.

The bike path ends here, but there's a foot path that continues east all the way down to Brisbane if you'd like. Otherwise, turn around and proceed down the mountain following Radio Rd until it meets Guadalupe, cross to the other side of the park again, and turn right towards the picknick area, take the unpaved path upward to the right of the lawn.

The unpaved path leads around the mountain, offers great views of the Bay, then descends into Daly City and towards the Crocker gate.

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