Park near South San Francisco's Hillside Blvd near Mills Montessori School and find a hidden metal gate to a dirt path leading upwards.

Reach San Bruno Ridge Trail after a steep and strenuous 900ft ascent and enjoy a 360 degree view, including the Bay, Downtown San Francisco, the Peninsula, Daly City and the backside of Sign Hill.

Continue east on the Ridge Trail for about a mile and find an unmarked but wide grassy path downwards to South San Francisco to your right. After a steep descent, pass the fenced in water tower on the narrow path on the right and find back to the paved road leading up to the tower and back through the gate onto residential Parkgrove.

Continue west on Hillside Blvd until you see the school on your right. The footpath north of Hillside Blvd ends at the school fence, so you either need to scale down the steep hobo trail to Hillside Blvd close to the trail end, or hike back on the sidewalk south of Hillside Blvd.

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