You can get to Twin Peaks by car -- or on foot from Noe Valley. Start west on Elizabeth and Church St, turn right on Douglas, left on Romain. At Market St, take the winding ramp up onto the footbridge and cross over. Continue on Romain St till Corbett St, then continue straight on by taking the stairs up to Rooftop Elementary. At the gate, turn right and follow the dirt path around the corner, then go up the stairs to Burnett Ave. Turn right. At Gardenside Dr, cross the street and take the dirt path going up by the side of the hill.

Continue on the dirt path. You can take one of two forks turning right to go up to the summit (called 'Christmas Tree Point') or continue straight and exit the dirt path on Parkridge Drive. Take the stairs down to Gardenside and Burnett. Turn left, then right down on Hopkins, right on Corbett. At the bus stop, take the path to the left, leading to another footbridge over Market St. On the other side, turn left and then right on 23rd to get back to central Noe Valley.

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