This short loop hike begins in the area west of Twin Peaks, called Midtown Terrace. The trail starts on the dirt path next to Panorama Dr, slightly north of Mountview Ct. Proceed downwards, pass a graffiti covered water tower, and exit the trail onto the parking lot by the hospital.

Shortly after, spot the trail to your right, covered by trees, which descends down to the hospital grounds and a grassy meadow. Follow the trail into the woods, and notice a deteriorated MUNI tower which provides ventilation to the underground MUNI track leading through there.

When the trail splits into a part that leads uphill, and one that leads downhill, go right to follow the downhill path until there's a hidden exit onto Clarendon Ave. Turn right on Clarendon Ave, make a right on Olympia Way, and finally a right on Panorama Drive to get back to the starting point.

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