This route goes all around Mt Sutro, with an interesting twist. From Clarendon Ave, take Christopher Dr and go down to Warren Dr. Proceed to Locksley Ave. Make a right on Kirkham St, keep going straight up through the clinic parking area and make a right at the top, proceeding until the path is closed for traffic.

Go down on the right path, which leads to a set of metal stairs going upwards. Continue on this route (follow 'Exit' signs), passing by various pipes and machinery, until a final set of metal stairs leads down to a parking area leading to Medical Way.

Cross Medical Way and take the stairs upwards into the wooded area. Stay right, and turn left at the top. Go downwards till you hit a paved road again. Turn right into Edgewood Ave, go all the way up to the dead end. Enter the forest and follow the winding Edgewood Trail. When the trail splits, stay left, going up the Fairy Gates Trail which leads back to Johnstone Drive and Clarendon Ave.

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