This loop trail starts near Balboa Park station and descends down to Cayuga Ave and Cayuga Park. About halfway through the park, take the path up to the left and exit the park onto Alemany Blvd. Turn right, and after about 200 ft, turn right again onto a path to a maze winding all the way up to a footbridge crossing the US-280 freeway.

Cross the bridge, turn left on San Jose Ave and right again at Plymouth Ave. Go uphill, and cross through the playground diagonally, following the paved path.

Exit west onto Minerva St, proceed to Orizaba Ave, then turn right and scale the steep hill. At the top, you'll find spectacular Lakeview and Asthon View Park. Exit to the east, and follow Lakeview St all the way to Josiah Ave, turn left there, and after 200 ft, turn right onto the hidden footpath leading downhill. Take the stairs all the way down to St. Miguel St., follow that to Tara Street, cross the big intersection at Geneva St and return to Balboa Park station.

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