This journey begins and ends in Glen Park, and you'll be using two spectacular foot bridges over busy freeways before and after crossing into parts of the Excelsior. Start by venturing through St Mary's Park, go downhill to the playground, and keep moving towards the freeway. Cross the bustling US-280 freeway via the scenic footbridge.

Cross Silver Ave, ascend uphill, then take a right onto Pioche St. Continue your path onto Valmar Terrace, where you'll descend down the stairs to Athens St. Turn left and follow the stairs to Avalon Ave.

Stay on course on Avalon Ave as it transforms into Theresa St. Turn left to find the entrance to the another footbridge over the US-280 freeway. On the other side, find the big intersection at Diamond St, turn left and later make a right onto Wilder St. Continue along Arlington St, and when you reach Roanoke St, cross San Jose Ave over another footbridge. Follow College Ave, and cross Mission St to return to the starting point at St. Marys Park.

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