Edgehill is a secluded neighborhood adjacent to Portola Drive, not far from West Portal. The trail entrance on Ulloa St is at a gate that's open for foot traffic. Go up the hill, and at the end of the paved road, follow the forest trail which leads over to Edgehill Way. Turning right at the crossing with a rusty sculpture leads to a nice loop trail around Edgehill Heights with nice views. Coming back from the loop, proceed north on Edgehill Way, then turn left on Garcia Ave, left on Vasquez Ave and take the stairs down to Dewey Blvd.

Cross the big intersection and find the majestic stairs on the opposite side. Go all the way up, then turn right on Castenada Ave, continue upwards to Ventura Ave, then turn left at the small pathway over to Pacheo St and find the connecting stairs downwards. Wiggle down on Sotelo/Mendoza Avenues until 9th Ave, where's another set of stairs down to San Marcos and Castenada Ave. Proceed down to Taraval St., take the Kensington Way exit and make a right at the small pathway down to Dorchester Way, leading back to Ulloa.

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