This city walk starts in the Miraloma neighborhood, west of Glen Canyon Park, and first leads to a spectacular vista point above O'Shaugnessy Blvd, overlooking the canyon and large parts of the Excelsior. After cutting through the Sunnyside Playground, it leads up a small hidden path (Lulu Alley) to the foot of Mt Davidson. Proceeding upwards on Molimo Dr, the path enters Mt Davidson Park at a hidden entry which offers amazing views of Miraloma and West Portal.

In the park with its rocky trails, the route then circles around the Mt Davidson summit, without too much change in elevation, exiting the park on the south side onto Dalewood Way. Proceeding east from here, again without much elevation change, the path leads back to our previous crossing point at Molimo Dr, from where we proceed towards Myra Way, down the Avoca Alley stairs at the playground, and follow Bella Vista Way until Teresita Blvd, which we follow until Stillings Ave leads us back to the trail entry on Malta Dr.

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