This hike surrounds the 'Bernal' landmark hill, yet requires mastering some elevation changes. Start at Coleridge and Eugenia St, going up Eugenia, and follow the street all the way to Prentiss St, where you make a left uphill, followed by a right on Powhattan Ave.

When it becomes Franconia St after a sharp left turn (note US-101 down far below), follow it till the dead end where there's a set of stairs leading upwards, called 'Peralta Stairs'. Up there, keep going straight following Peralta, until at Samoset St there's a tiny park on the left. Enter it and try out the swing! Take the steps down to Rutledge St, turn left, then left on Alabama St, and make a right on Ripley St.

Follow Ripley all the way to Folsom St, cross Folsom, and enter the dirt path after climbing over the guard rail. Keep going upwards on the dirt path until it meets Bernal Heights Blvd, follow that to the stairs leading down to Esmeralda Ave. Slide down the Esmeralda slide and you're back at Coleridge.

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