Starting from 24th St at 'slow' Sanchez St, go south on Sanchez until 30th, then turn right and walk up the steep hill until Laidley, then cross over to the left. Follow Laidley till Roanoke, turn left and go down the hill, find the footbridge over San Jose Ave and cross over. Find the small paved footpath going north, starting at St. Marys Ave going parallel to San Jose Ave, it's called 'Bernal Cut'. Follow the path until Highland Ave, then turn right.

Follow Highland Ave until Patton St, turn left, and find Gladys St to the left when you arrive at Appleton Ave. Follow Gladys until Santa Marina St, turn right and take a left up the stairs to Prospect Ave after 100 yards. Follow Prospect Ave until Virginia Ave, turn left and follow Virginia, cross Mission St and continue on Tiffany Ave.

When Tiffany ends at Duncan, turn left and follow Duncan, first crossing San Jose Ave, then Dolores St. On Church, make a right and continue to the starting point at 24th St.

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