Park at 43rd Ave and Geary Blvd, walk up 43rd to Clement St, cross over and find the foot path veering off slightly to the right, leading straight into the VA Medical Center. Keep going north, cross Veterans Dr and continue on the foot path. Walk along the buildings and keep left when the space opens up, to find the 'Battle-of-the-Bulge' path leading downhill into a dune like landscape.

Stay left when the path meets El Camino del Mar and then follow the steps and path heading to Lands End. Keep following the path when it makes a left turn to head south, remain on the outer edges for great views.

Continue to Point Lobos Ave, cross over and continue on the dirt path leading into Sutro Height Park with great views of Ocean Beach. Head down the stairs to Balboa St, turn left and keep going till 43rd Ave, turn left and head up back to the parking location.

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