Start at the Presidio Arguello entrance. After the golf course lot, turn left on the Bay Area Ridge Trail. Walk until it exits onto Washington Blvd, follow it, then make a right to follow Nauman Road.

Turn right onto the dirt path, leading to the cemetery viewpoint. From there, take the stairs down to Park Blvd. Continue south on McDowell Ave and after about 300 yds, there's a paved footpath going off to the right, leading you to Presidio Battery Bluff Park.

Passing all the way through the park, you'll end up on Sheridan Ave, which forks off Infantry Terrace after 300 yds. Follow that uphill, go around the big left turn, to end up on Arguello Bvld again. Find the dirt path leading into the woods a bit left of where you exited, follow that, and turn right onto Ecology Trail shortly after. This leads you back to either Inspiration Point or west Pacific Ave to bring you back.

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